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Warranty and return policy

At Protoner Warehouse all items with 60 days warranty: buyers must contact us for all the warranty service within the warranty period.

1.      In the rare occasion that you are unsatisfied with our products, please return the cartridges in their original packaging within 14 days. We will gladly exchange or refund the product.

2.         Shipping and handling charges are not refundable.

3.         In special circumstances where exchange or refund is accepted ¨C 20% of the final value price will be deducted. (the restocking fee)

If you are not entirely satisfied with our product, we will credit, replace or refund these cartridges once tested and proven faulty.

Genuine cartridges - we can only credit or replace products returned as faulty upon confirmation of that product by the manufacturer.

Premium compatible cartridges - we will credit, replace or refund these cartridges once tested and proven faulty.

To enable credit, replacement or refund of a product for faulty cartridges, we will require the following:

1.      A print sample.

2.      A copy count for laser toner cartridges. Many of the latest laser or fax machines will generate a status report showing the copy count used for that particular cartridge. Laser toner cartridges returned without a sample print cannot and will not be investigated.

3.      All cartridges must be above the minimum weight stipulated by the OEM as being applicable for return.

4.      Any goods returned to us must be on freight paid basis. Goods not sent on a prepaid basis will be rejected.

5.      There are many occasions where both toner and ink cartridge nozzles are blocked and they can easily be cleared by direction over the telephone or email. On these occasions, if the product is found to be faulty, the product will be returned to the customer with a print sample and no credit provided.

Our return policy

1.        If a cartridge is empty or below the manufacturer¡¯s minimum weight, it will not be credited or replaced. There are no exceptions.

2.        Any orders cancelled or returned at no fault will incur a 20% restocking fee OR a minimum fee of $15, whichever is higher. Any product which has been purchased for 60 days will not be accepted without express approval by RA department.